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Maggie’s Room… the Nursery is Complete!

February 9, 2012

We’ve come a long way from the beginning painting project to this…

I’m so thrilled with how everything turned out. Yes, there are a lot of mismatching wood finishes and random (random!) art, but that’s just my style. (I’ve got to incorporate it somehow into Maggie’s life!) I just hope she likes eclectic decor…

Let me try to go through all of the many many aspects that friends and family contributed to make this room so full of love. We bought very little to make the nursery the way it is.

  • The crib… is my old crib that I repainted to a more pure white. (It was tan.) I stupidly chose paint without primer, thus resulting in three coats on each side. (Never again… primer is my friend.) The stuffed animals will be removed before Maggie sleeps inside, and we opted out of a blanket, sheet, bumpers, etc. set, mostly because all of those items are choking hazards. Only sheets and mattress pads were recommended to us. A huge thanks to Megster Meter for giving me my crib mattress! Such a nice gift.
  • The futon… we had to put it somewhere after moving furniture around to make this room a nursery. But, JD and I hope it’ll come in handy since our bedroom and the nursery are fairly far apart… perfect for parental napping.
  • The chest of drawers… was mine from my old Louisiana bedroom. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) The chest holds SO MUCH.
  • The curtain valence and pillows… JD’s cousin Amanda (of spice cabinet fame) was so awesome to hand-sew, assemble, and install the curtain valence with matching pillows. She and I had a fun shopping day to pick out the fabric, and she made this… wait for it… in one week. She’s incredible. And, I absolutely love how it makes the room so feminine and light.
  • The mural additions… check it out! Mom came for a baby shower a few weeks ago and finished up the mural by adding grass on the bottom half. I l-o-v-e it. The grass is scattered throughout.

  • The elephant painting (far left) is a gift from Mom done by Amber Ventura of Ponchatoula. This was one of the very first pieces of art I got that was specifically for the nursery, and I love it.
  • The under-the-sea picture is a JD Stuart Original, drawn and painted when he was in first grade. Adorable.
  • The “Rabbit on a Coconut under a Waterfall” (true title) which is next to JD’s piece is a Kate Original done in 1987. Can’t you see the red rabbit on top of the navy blue coconut, with a lighter blue waterfall on top? There’s more description on the back (thanks, Mom!), but I’m too embarrassed to reveal all the details publicly.
  • The shadow box (next to the rabbit/coconut) was a gift from a recent baby shower in which the attendees signed the picture. This is a wonderful gift and idea for a baby shower, by the way.
  • The pink picture has another elephant inside the pink matte. This hung in my nursery when I was born.
  • The wooden story plaque is one of two stories — one about Jack and Jill and one about Humpty Dumpty (you can see the other on the very top picture) — that was given to me by a very close family friend who had them in her nursery when she was a girl. I imagine these wooden plaques are at least 60-70 years old.
  • The clock … meh. This cheap Target purchase is just there for me since I wanted/needed some kind of timepiece.
  • The wooden pig… oh, this is awesome. My dad made this pig in wood-shop class in high school. He found it recently, and I love it! It HAD to go in the nursery! Love the vintage feel of it all.

  • The quilt… a gift from Mom and Dad. I love quilts and have made a few in my past days, and I love how it goes well with the room.
  • The baby pictures… of me and JD. You may remember them from this post. I got those frames (four in total) from an estate sale a year ago, and when Mom and I painted the room, we also painted the frames to match the bottom half of the room (so they could be displayed on the top half!). The other two are stacked one on top of each other to the left of the quilt, but they don’t have anything in them… yet. Maybe we’ll fill them with pictures of Maggie and her birth announcement.
  • The M in the window sill… we found this fun, inexpensive letter from an Anthropologie in Birmingham on our Babymoon. This is the only decoration (besides the clock) that we bought ourselves.

Not in the nursery right now?

  • The rocking chair… currently in our bedroom for use during those newborn weeks/months when she is sleeping in a bassinet nearby (big thanks to JD’s sister for loaning us their bassinet by the way).
  • Changing area/table… it’s down in our bedroom as well. We’re just converting an old coffee table, but we may try something else after having to kneel down to do changings.

We were so blessed to have so many baby showers and so many things for Maggie that we didn’t need to buy. I can count on only my fingers the items that we had to buy without gift cards. We were truly taken care of regarding preparing for Maggie’s arrival, from wonderful books, to clothes, to blankets and practical supplies… if her gifts are any sign of Maggie’s popularity and love, that girl is set! Thanks to all of you who showed us how much you love us by giving to Maggie.

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  1. Kim permalink
    February 9, 2012 3:45 pm

    Wow! Maggie is so beloved and she’s not even here yet. I think it’s great that so many people had a hand in producing this nursery. It’s kind of like “Friend-Eclectic”, yes?

  2. February 9, 2012 5:29 pm

    Love the nursery!!!! The grass additions to the lower part of the walls is wonderful. I love all the family art work. Maggie is going to love it, and be so happy in her new, beautiful room!


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