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Yep, still here…

February 16, 2012

… don’t worry. I’ll let you know when I go. I have it all set up with Megster Meter… she’s going to deliver the news to you as soon as she knows. What? Oh, it’s the due date today? Right. Good thing you told me. (Ok, snarkiness is over now.)

My super awesome guest posts begin Monday, and they can’t come soon enough! I’m pretty tired overall, still heading into work each day and trying to distract myself as much as possible. I love every single one of my guest posts, almost wishing I could give them to you all at once, but then that wouldn’t be much relief for me!

Here are a few things that are currently distracting me… just thought I’d share. (You’re going to laugh because these distractions are truly meaningless distractions! Nothing ground-breaking or earth-shattering this week!)

Wedges! This one in particular… goofy or very fun?

* * * * *

Martha Stewart’s idea on how to fix your duvet from sliding around… I thought we were the only one with this problem!

* * * * *

If Maggie ever comes out, here are a few great tips on traveling with a baby, which hopefully we can do at some point! (via Cup of Joe)

* * * * *

Instagram… I love it. I love posting pictures to it. You should get it. Then follow me!

Lucy watching the Westminster Dog Show.

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  1. Stu permalink
    February 17, 2012 2:45 pm

    Hey, have you had the baby, yet? I think she was due yesterday.

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