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Guest Post: DIY Revived Glass Containers

March 7, 2012

High school pal Jessica is back as a guest poster to show us her nice handiwork with old glass objects and paint! Don’t forget to check out her blog to see all about her family and life in Jackson, WY!

While browsing Pinterest several months ago, I found this image:

I repined it, but I repin a lot of things, so that does not necessarily mean anything. While browsing through Pinterest after vacation, I saw this pin and thought I would go for it. The only problem with this pin is that it does not lead back to a blog with instructions, so I was going to have to figure it out myself. We already have lots of acrylic paint at our house, so I thought I could try and if I did not succeed, I would only be out the glass cost.

We have a thrift shop in town, so I stopped by to see what they had for glass items. I bought about a dozen various glass items, some even color glass, which cost about $15.

The first step was to wash all the glass items to make sure there was nothing inside that would show up when I poured the paint. Then I selected some paint colors in our garage; Cottage Red, Harvest Moon, Brentwood Tan, and Designer White (all Benjamin Moore). I stirred the paint and then poured it into Solo cups, that way I could pour the paint through the small openings in some of the glass items. The next step was surprisingly uncomplicated. I just poured the paint into the item, let the excess drain back into the Solo cup, and them cleaned the edged with a damp cloth. It was surprisingly simple and I thought the results looked great for the whole $15 I shelled out.

Helpful Hint: Colored paint works better than khaki or white because the more pigments that are in the paint the more stable the paint is. I had to re-coat the khaki items three times, but only had to do the red and orange once.

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