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Lucy and Maggie… Besties?

April 3, 2012

A lot of friends have been asking how Lucy and Maggie are getting along. I don’t know if I’d say they are Best Friends yet, but it’s a cute relationship for sure.

Throughout the pregnancy, JD and I were very interested in how we would present Maggie to Lucy and if this would affect Lucy’s quality of life. We read on the Humane Society’s page different tips on how to introduce the two and what we needed to do pre-birth to prep Lu for this change. We first played YouTube clips of babies crying to get Lucy associated with the different sounds of infants. We then said the name “Maggie” in a happy, encouraging tone in sentences to and in front of Lucy. After Maggie was born, we sent home a blanket Maggie had been swaddled in, and my mom put it in Lucy’s crate so she could get used to the smell and be familiar with the baby.

We also planned for their first meeting the day we brought Maggie home from the hospital, and it worked out very well. JD pulled into the garage and shut the garage door. He went into the house and greeted Lucy, since it had been almost five days since we saw her. He loved on her and settled her down a little. Then, he brought her out into the garage and I got out of the car and loved on her and talked to her. JD grabbed Maggie in the carseat, and the four of us went into the house together and went straight into the bedroom where we put Maggie, in her carseat, on our bed. Lucy jumped up on the bed, and we let her smell Maggie and say hello. After that, it’s been all gravy.

From the new baby’s perspective, Maggie doesn’t really seem to notice Lucy too much. Yes, Lucy is a bold-colored, black and white dog that is fun to focus on. But, otherwise, Maggie doesn’t really notice Lucy. Lucy will occasionally kiss her on the face and feet, but Maggie doesn’t know what it is or mind the extra loving. It’s sweet.

As for Lucy, Maggie being in the picture took only a few days adjustment, but now, Maggie is just another member of the family unit. Since Lucy sleeps in our room with us along with Maggie who is sleeping in our room for these first few months, Lucy was quick to associate Maggie as equal importance levels to me and JD. So, when others are around — my mom or JD’s parents, for example — Lucy is a bit more protective and cautious of how these guests treat Maggie, which is really sweet.

Here are some notable cute things Lucy has done with Maggie:

  • If JD, Maggie and I were out and come back into the house after being gone, Lucy searches the living room or wherever we are until she finds where Maggie is. Once she spots Maggie, Lucy continues with her usual relaxing/living life, but she has to check on her baby first.
  • During Maggie’s bath time which is on the second floor of the house, Lucy comes up and sits in the doorway of the bathroom (picture below). She listens, waits and watches but is never involved in the process. It seems to me that Lucy (who hates baths) comes in to sympathize with Maggie and show support for Maggie having to go through this “horrible thing,” according to Lucy. But the dog is still super cautious… “They may put me in there,” it seems to look like she’s thinking.

  • One night after we had been out running an errand and Maggie fell asleep in the carseat, JD placed Maggie on our chaise still in her carseat as to not disturb her while she finished sleeping. Lucy hopped up on the chaise to smell and sleep nearby. During a quiet moment, Maggie jolted in her sleep and threw her hand into the air. Lucy was instantly frightened, jumped off the chaise, and ran away.
  • We do have a small swing for Maggie that sits low on the ground. Lucy uses this opportunity to try to kiss Maggie, but inevitably Lucy gets bumped by the swing and is startled.

Overall, I’m not sure if Lucy’s life has changed for the better, but the poor pup is a lot more tired, a bit more cautious, and a lot more protective. But, as usual, Lucy’s life is just so hard… !

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  1. Gram permalink
    April 3, 2012 10:13 pm

    It’s so logical for Lucy to be the protective older sister. After all, she has been waiting just as long as her parents for this miracle to happen. Love, Gram

  2. Lauren permalink
    April 4, 2012 6:48 am

    I love this post!

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