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Peanut Shell for my Peanut

April 18, 2012

Beach Slinging

Maggie is pretty cute, but the baby sling I hold her in is getting a ton of fanfare.

When I’m running errands out to the grocery store or meeting girlfriends out and about, Maggie comes right along in my sling. Especially when I was not allowed to lift more than Maggie for six weeks post C-section, the sling was super helpful when I couldn’t lift her in her car seat. My girlfriend Della gave it to me at one of my baby showers, and I probably use it daily. Maggie sits comfortably and warmly inside the sling while I have the freedom to use both of my hands to shop, cook, or walk on the beach, like in the above picture.

I’ve been stopped at almost six different stores by complete strangers wanting to know more about the sling. And, I have to admit… it’s pretty great. There are lots of sling variations out there, but mine is from Peanut Shell, which is sold at several stores and online retailers. The best part about the sling is that there is a bottom lining of cushioning where the sling hits from my stomach to my hip. There’s also a pocket in the front, and who doesn’t love pockets? Bellaroo is actually selling the style and pattern of my sling, and as I would know, it makes a great gift.

Here are a couple of other styles and patterns.

Adjustable Baby Sling

Vanilla Bean Adjustable

Quincy Peanut Shell

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