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Sid and Anita

July 28, 2012

This afternoon, I ran to the store while JD was home while Maggie napped. Since JD is a former stock clerk at Publix for many years, I sometimes ask him where things are located in the store if I can’t find them.

Here was today’s text conversation:

Kate: “Where is the honey again?”

JD: “With jelly?”

Kate: (after finding it) “No, by the oatmeal and tea.”

JD: “Ah. Right. And syrup.”

Kate: “No local honey. Boo.”

JD: “Blew it this morning.” (We had gone to the Farmer’s Market and didn’t pick up honey then.)

Kate: “Sure Sid.” (misspelling)

JD: “It’s JD.”

JD: “Who the heck is Sid?”

Kate: “Meant to say did.”

a minute  later… Kate: “There’s Anita Strawberry here.”

Kate: (continuing to mistype) “Anita”

Kate: “Dangit.”

Kate: “Abita.”

JD: “I’ll be with her when you’re with Sid.”

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