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The Riveting Adventure in … Laundry Detergent?

August 23, 2012

By Order of Management series by John Golden

Ok, you’re going to laugh at this post, but I don’t care. This has been a serious issue for me for almost four years… I’ve got to share my recent findings.

So, it all began when my coworker in the neighboring office commented that I sneezed almost every morning. I thought she was joking, but then I started noticing… I sneezed 2-3 times each morning when I came in to work. It was weird. (Sit down at computer, finish coffee, start email, sneeze. Repeat daily.) But, it didn’t bother me. After several educated guesses as to why I sneezed so consistently and frequently, she and I decided that it must be my laundry detergent. (I really do work at a serious job… but I think this must have struck a nerve with her. And I’ll do anything for the sake of office harmony!)

Off I go to experiment with detergents. After lots of deliberation, JD and I agreed on Arm and Hammer’s scent-free good stuff. It worked wonderfully… and the sneezes stopped! Amazing. My coworker was indeed correct.

But then I got pregnant and started reading about how you shouldn’t wear perfumes or harsh soaps when breastfeeding because the baby could have a negative reaction since their skin is so sweet and sensitive. Even though my A&H miracle product was “scent-free,” it really did have a strong smell. My mom suggested Dreft, which is the go-to detergent for baby items since it treated everything so gently.

Excellent! Except, I don’t know, it didn’t feel right. After a couple of weeks post-Maggie, I was sneezing again. Also, Dreft smells like babies (if that makes any sense), and I didn’t like the smell of Dreft on alllll of our clothes (even JD’s) since we wash our family’s clothes together. I didn’t want to do separate washes just for the sake of detergents… My life needed to be simpler after Maggie arrived, not more complicated! Plus, Dreft wasn’t awesome at getting out all the very gross baby stains that was proliferating our family’s clothes. (I’ll spare you the details.)

Then, I found (cue dramatic music) Charlie’s Soap, which promised to “clean everything from false teeth to diesel.” Sign me up! It has absolutely no scent, is very soft and gentle on clothes, and really gets out all the stains. (I actually had to run a couple of washes in the washing machine with only Charlie’s and no clothes just to get the other-soap-residue out.)

Charlie’s has been a miracle soap in our life these days. You also only use a small amount each wash, so it ends up being pretty affordable. It’s weird, but my clothes don’t have a scent… they just smell like clean clothes, not perfumes.

Now that I’m on a “clean soap” kick after my discovery of Charlie’s, I’m hooked on finding good cleaning products. Just today I discovered Nashville-based product Roux Maison, which promises to clean delicates… well, delicately. Undies, athletic gear, swimsuits… this product treats everything with care with no harsh chemicals or scents.

I hope my adventure to find the best detergent has ended. I have finally found the right product for us. And, my sneezing has ceased… at least according to my coworker!

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  1. Kim permalink
    August 23, 2012 2:29 pm

    AND after going to their website, I discovered that I could buy it just four blocks from my home at the Ponchatoula Feed and Seed.. No shipping charges! Thanks Kate

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