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Maggie + beach = cuteness

October 3, 2012

I go back and forth with how I want to use this blog… is it a personal record/journal? Is it more of a log of things I like? Is it a way to track my progress with our house and other projects? I think yes to all above, so I think it’s completely fine if I share pictures from our recent beach vacation. I’d say this would definitely fall under personal journal, something I like, and something I created!

We had a very fun time at the beach a couple of weeks ago. We got to see both sets of parents, and Lucy had a fine time as well. Maggie played in the pool almost every day, and we practiced dunking her under water, which she …tolerated. Overall, it was a very fun trip but I can’t remember a beach trip that wasn’t a ton of fun!

These two just like hanging out with one another!

So fun to see Pappy and Nanny!

Gram and Maggie. Her bathing suit was perhaps the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Stripes? Little flowers? Done.

One of Maggie’s swimming outfits. She hates the act of putting on clothes, thus the pacifier/soothie post-tight-shirt-application.


What a fun trip!!

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