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thirty before 30

These are things that I want to accomplish before turning 30 on February 6, 2012. Follow my progress!

1. Run a 5K. Pregnancy dictated that I walk it, but it was still very fun.

2. Take another printmaking class. I didn’t put a bird on it.

3. Teach Lucy to shake paws.

4. Write a business plan for Kate Schmate, whatever that may be. Why I didn’t, but I did fix the “about kate schmate” page!

5. Spend at least 25 more hours working on my calligraphy style.

6. Clean out and reorganize my personal Gmail inbox. (I currently have over 3000 emails in there…) Categorized and cleaned out!

7. Wear heels to work every day for a whole month. (Painstaking success!)

8. Make family birthday cards for a full year ahead, including stamps, without inside birthday messages. Put post-its on what date to drop in the mail. Handmade cards for the win!

9. Spend one random Sunday and write thank-you notes to the people who I appreciate and love. It felt great!

10. Complete 6 more DIY projects on Kate Schmate. One: Jar-labeling with chalkboard paint. Two: Hanging pictures on your wall… alone! Three: a butterfly birthday wreath and garland! Four: Paint a whole room, with clouds! Five: Pac-Man and Ghost Garland for Della’s 80’s Party. Six: Whisking a Merry Kiss-mas

11. Construct an Emergency Plan for our house and family. (Check smoke detectors, restock batteries and flashlights, etc.) We’re all set.

12. Start doing community service once a month. I feel good about where I am with this!

13. Make my own wrapping paper, (see it here ) and put up a tutorial on how to wrap a gift on Kate Schmate. (shown here)

14. Print out favorite pictures I’ve taken and display them in our house. (landscapes, friends, family) What a racquet!

15. Try going one week without eating meat, and record it in a food journal. My veggie tale.

16. Get a Home Energy Audit. Thank you, Mayor Dean!

17. Reorganize my spice cabinet. Cinna-success!

18. Find my favorite type of wine… so that I’ll know what I’m talking about when I order from a restaurant. Research into my learning process

19. Use the grill! Know what to do when grilling outside. This girl meets grill.

20. Read the Bible from cover to cover. Done, in 11 months!

21. Decide about getting a tattoo once and for all. And then stop talking about it! Here’s why I didn’t.

22. Create something with Maw Maw’s spoons.

23. Participate in the getting rid of A Thing A Day(ATAD) challenge for one month. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4

24. Memorize the recipe to my awesome “Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Twist” to make them any time, anywhere.

25. Go Facebook- and Twitter-free for two months. I survived.

26. Spring-clean the entire house in one weekend.… a long exhausting weekend.

27. Take a cooking class with JD. Romance in Roma!

28.  Redo one room in our house. The future nursery now looks like a real nursery!

29.  Straighten up! Improve my posture and stop being a sloucher. Slouchy no more!

30.  Learn how to play chess. Check mate, I mean, it!

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